Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tidy Beginnings

Welcome to my blog. Considering this is the first post ever on here, I'm talking as much to myself as to anyone who visits. What shall we ever put up here? The name involves Tales, so of course there will be those. Plenty of those. Surely my first followers will be mostly my friends, but to the occasional stranger I say, well met and how do you do? I welcome all positive messages, and will tolerate some negative ones if there's a point to them. Criticism, if done right, will be seen as positive, so when you read my stories, if you have suggestions, feel free to leave them. Story ideas may be considered, but unless you're paying me to write them--something I'm not set up for yet--the best suggestion I can give you is to learn to write well and use your ideas yourself. There's nothing worse than putting your ideas in another's hands and watching them abused. Well, okay, there are plenty of things that are worse, objectively, but unless they happen around you, subjectively this is the worst thing that will happen.

To any who do eventually hire me, I will keep you strongly in the loop about what happens to your ideas, so you have enough say not see your ideas trashed.

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